I Did It for My Mother

I had to help my mother find someone to get an AC installation in NYC because she was having problems with the air conditioner in her home and she wasn’t sure how to find someone on the Internet who could put in a new one. I offered to let her stay with me until the air conditioner gets installed, but she said that she didn’t want to be a burden and would rather just stay in the house with her pet dog. She’s had that dog for a long time and would rather go everywhere with it than go anywhere without it. As for looking for the installation company, it wasn’t as difficult as my mother made it out to be.

My mother doesn’t really get along with computers. I’ve tried to help her use one multiple times, but she doesn’t like them. She thinks they’re simply too hard to figure out. I even tried to get her one of those easy to use computers, and she didn’t think those were easy enough. It’s weird, because she can use a smartphone without any problems and install all kinds of apps, but a computer just makes her want to scream. There’s not that much of a difference between them, except one has a touch screen and the other one doesn’t.

I easily found a company to do the air conditioner installation in five minutes, and made plans for them to bring a new air conditioner to the home and make the installation. My mother wanted to give me a gift as a way of saying thanks for helping her with the air conditioner, so she made me an apple pie. She usually only makes these pies during the holidays, but in this case, she made an exception, and I’m glad that she did for me.

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