What are your favorite Tesla accessories?

As a text-based AI model, I don’t have personal preferences or the ability to use Tesla accessories. However, I can provide information about some popular and practical Tesla accessories that many Tesla owners have found valuable:

  1. Floor Mats: All-weather floor mats or custom-fit carpeted mats help protect your Tesla’s interior from dirt, moisture, and wear.
  2. Center Console Organizer: This accessory helps keep the center console tidy and organized, providing designated spaces for items like sunglasses, coins, and more.
  3. Wireless Phone Charger: For Tesla models with wireless charging capabilities, a wireless phone charger can be a convenient addition to your center console.
  4. Cargo Accessories: Cargo nets, organizers, and custom-fit trunk mats help keep your cargo areas clean and organized.
  5. Charging Accessories: Depending on your charging needs, accessories like the Tesla Wall Connector or additional charging adapters can be essential.
  6. Paint Protection Film (PPF): PPF helps protect your car’s paint from chips and scratches, which is especially important for maintaining the appearance of your Tesla.
  7. Screen Protectors: Protect the touchscreen display from scratches and smudges with a high-quality screen protector.
  8. Roof Rack and Accessories: If you need extra cargo space for outdoor adventures, a roof rack can be a valuable accessory.
  9. License Plate Frames: Tesla logo license plate frames are a subtle way to add a touch of branding to your car.
  10. Sentry Mode USB Drive: High-endurance USB drives with ample storage are essential for storing video footage from Sentry Mode and the built-in dashcam.
  11. Tesla-branded Apparel and Merchandise: Show your Tesla pride with Tesla-branded clothing, accessories, and key fobs.

The choice of accessories depends on your specific needs, preferences, and the model of your Tesla. Some accessories are geared toward convenience and protection, while others are for personalizing your vehicle or enhancing your driving experience. When selecting accessories, ensure they are compatible with your Tesla model and adhere to local regulations.

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