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What Are Oil-Based Lubricants?

A lubricant is usually a substance, organic in nature, an oil-based product, prepared for and used to reduce friction, corrosion, and wear among surfaces mutually in contact with each other. This way, it reduces the friction and prevents from more heat generation to smooth the process of combustion and keep your vehicle running. Lubricants differ with respect to their formation as they basically are of three different types: Boundary, Mixed, and Full-film lubricants. Boundary lubricants are used to deal with frequent starts and stops, shock-loading conditions, and to deal with extreme pressures and covering long distances. Mixed lubricants are utilized in separating a bulk of surfaces through a lubricating layer. Whereas the full-film lubricants are utilized to prevent friction in sliding metallic parts as well as to reduce friction in rolling metallic parts.


Lubricants used for engines are comprised of various parts containing Base Oils up to the concentration …